Q: How do I make a purchass using the "Serve Card to Card Transfer" payment option?

A: Order a Serve card for free online at www.serve.com or purchase at a retail store and register your card online at www.serve.com

-Place an order and select "Serve Card to Card Transfer" payment option. Log into your serve acct.

-Select Pay & Transfer (send money)

-Enter email found on "Confirm Order"  checkout page and submit

-Copy andd paste serve transaction ID to the place provided on Ebook

-Confirm Order

Q: How do I use my Reward Points to make a purchase?

A: To use your reward points to make a purchase or to apply your points for a discount on your purchase total just selct your ebook product and "add to cart". Then click beside the shopping cart logo at the top right of checkout page and select "view cart". You will then select "Use Reward Points" and enter the amount of points you wish to use and click "Apply Points". Confirm your order and thats it!