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Credit Card Logos Problems with credit card payments

Why did my purchase fail using my debit and credit card?

The most likely reason your purchase failed was because the address and zip code did not match what the bank has on file. To ensure your purchase is successful, make sure the address, zip code, and security code (on the back or front of the card) are input exactly how they're registered with the bank.

Why did my Visa or Mastercard Gift card fail?

Before you can begin making purchases with your Gift card, you must register the card online. First, read the instructions on the back of the card, where it gives you the website address to register your card. Second, go that website and register your card as instructed. Make sure you submitted all the information correctly. After you finished registering the card, make sure the website states somewhere that the registration is complete. Lastly, come back to morethanebooks and input the same address and information that you registered to the card.

After my purchase failed, why does it look like was I still charged?

We do not receive any funds from failed transactions. When you attempt to make a purchase, the bank first verifies the merchant (Family Legacy Entertainment), and then releases the available funds for purchase. The cardholder's information is sent to our system for verification, this is where our filters check to make sure the address and zip/postal code match exactly what is registered to your card. If the information does not match, we deny the transaction. When we deny the transaction, the bank keeps the funds in a pending state since we blocked the transaction for the reasons mentioned above. After a day or two the funds will be returned to the account.

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